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Bilingualism and better grades are at your fingertips.

Bilingual Bridges partners with K-12 schools and families to deliver personalized, engaging bilingual reading, math and world language tutoring – anytime, anywhere.




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Bilingual Bridges was always different

We couldn’t find the bilingual tutoring program we needed, so we built it. Now that we’ve helped over 6,000+ students improve their reading, math and foreign language skills in 10 languages, we can’t wait to help you!

80+ certified bilingual tutors

Our tutors don't just speak multiple languages. They are real, certified teachers who have been 100% vetted by our team.

10+ languages available

Always striving to be as inclusive as possible, we’re up to 10 languages and counting.

High-impact bilingual tutoring

Giving every student the chance to learn in their native language through effective, personalized, engaging lessons.

Flexible scheduling

Providing families and schools the flexibility to book classes at the times that best fit their busy schedules.

Here's how it works

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Find a Tutor

Just read each profile and see which tutor’s skillset, personality, and teaching style will best suit you.

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Schedule a Lesson

Find an open block and claim it as yours. Get the support you need without giving up any of your other activities.

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Start Learning

Log into your Lesson Space, meet your tutor, and start working to improve your language and academic goals.

Bilingual Bridges Success Stories

High-impact bilingual tutoring, online in real time

Find a bilingual tutor to unlock the learning experience you’ve been missing.