Who does it serve?

Our Bilingual Academics Fund serves highly motivated, K-12 English language learners who are in need of academic language support, but unable to afford the high cost of private tutoring. 

What is the purpose?

Research shows that it takes 5-7 years for students to develop academic proficiency in another language; yet, many U.S. schools don't have the resources to support this process. Bilingual Bridges aims to bridge this gap by remotely connecting students with highly qualified, bilingual teachers who are proficient in each student's first language, as well as English. By providing individualized attention, our teachers are able to effectively support students' understanding and mastery of academic content, while simultaneously endorsing a natural path toward English language acquisition. 

How is it funded?

Bilingual Bridges allocates a portion of each paying student's tuition to the Bilingual Academics Fund. This gives us the ability to offset tuition costs and provide low-cost and free classes to our underserved English language learners.