Bilingual Academics

Our experienced, certified K-12 teachers work alongside English language learners (ELLs) to provide a unique, bilingual educational service. Their approach simultaneously promotes student mastery of academic content, alongside English language development. Our team of multilingual teachers works hand-in-hand with elementary and secondary schools to make this program available to students in and outside of the classroom. Our online classroom is easily accessible via tablet, computer or smartphone. Classes are available to ELLs whose native languages are: Spanish, Italian, Telugu, or Mandarin.

English as a Second Language

Our English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are personalized to meet your specific needs, interests and goals. Do you want to soften your accent in English? Would you like to build your vocabulary or improve your grammar? We can even work with you to improve your reading and writing skills for academic or professional purposes. Our ESL teachers have taught around the world and are highly qualified to help children, teens and adults to reach their English language goals!

Foreign Languages

At Bilingual Bridges, we're proud to offer exciting, interactive online classes in six foreign languages. By incorporating unique online learning resources, authentic materials, and customized homework assignments, our teachers are able to support students in maximizing their language learning experience in and outside of the classroom. Students can choose from classes in: Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, Telugu, or Mandarin Chinese.

Business Languages

As the world continues to become more globally connected, the demand for companies to develop multilingual, multicultural teams is skyrocketing. Our teachers work alongside professional adults to guide them toward fluency in languages used in their workplaces. Students also benefit tremendously from the bicultural knowledge that's incorporated into each class, as it allows for an "insider's perspective" of the cultures aligned with students' target languages. These classes are offered in: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, and Telugu.

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