Stories from Our Students

Student Stories

Adult Spanish

"Kelly has been a blast to work with! By meeting once a week, my Spanish skills have increased tremendously. She designs classes around my goals and always provides extra study material to complete throughout the week. She has proven to be one of the best!"

- Matt (United States)

Elementary ESL

"My son is very interested in his classes with Barbara and has a lot of fun with her! She creates a welcoming classroom, is very knowledgeable, and my son has been feeling more confident when he speaks English."

- Yeo-eun (South Korea)

Adult ESL

"When I started my classes, I had no understanding of English. My teacher knew how to teach me from the beginning, and now I can speak English! My teacher is patient, very knowledgeable, and gives me work and exercises that help me improve day by day." 

- Juanda (Spain)

High School ESL Test Prep

"My daughter's teacher is very professional, organized, and communicative. She's able to create connections with students from the first minutes of class. My daughter's English SAT score was boosted by 80 points after just a few classes!" 

- Irina (Canada)

Bilingual Elementary Math

"When our son was struggling with 5th grade math, Kelly helped him raise his grades fromDs to solid Bs. What was even more impressive is that the lessons were in entirely in Spanish! Kelly has a great personality and relates well to both parents and kids."

- Joel (United States)

Middle School ESL

"Ms. Kelly is an excellent and very patient tutor. We have seen great improvements in my daughter’s English. Tina looks forward to seeing Kelly every week which tells me that she makes learning fun and exciting." 

- Meirong (China)

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