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Top 6 Best Ways to Learn a Language

Learning a new language is something we all say we’re going to do. I’ve got books to learn both Italian and German sitting on a shelf, gathering dust. Does that sound familiar? How about making it really happen though? There are so many good reasons to learn a language – just take a look at this blog post if you need some inspiration.

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These are, hands down, the best ways to learn a language:

  1. Language learning with Netflix. Watch a movie or series in your target language. Change the subtitles into that language as well, and you’ll find yourself truly immersed. Check out the LLN Chrome Extension to get started!
  2. Travel abroad.  Traveling to other countries can expand our horizons, alter our perspectives, and even force us to practice the local languages.
  3. Take private language lessons. It’s not as hard, intimidating, nor as time consuming as you may think. Find a language tutor who offers one-on-one online classes designed around your proficiency level, interests, budget, and most of all – your schedule. Begin your search!
  4. Use language learning apps. There are many free language learning apps that let you carry your  language practice around with you in your pocket, purse, or backpack. Could it get any easier? We like Duolingo, Busuu, and Memrise.
  5. Practice your new language daily. Make language learning time a priority. Many people like to set a specific time to study language, but I find it easier to incorporate it into my daily schedule. A fun way is to add foreign language Spotify playlists onto your phone!
  6. Language learning friends. A smile is the best way to start any conversation. Will your conversations be clumsy at first? Of course! But the laughter that follows is a magnificent thing to build a friendship on. Take turns helping each other learn new vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and overcome your fear of speaking a new language.

What are your language goals for the near future? What are you doing TODAY to start working towards them?

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