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Sofia’s Story: Chapter 4

Looking back, it was a difficult first year. In regards to grades, it was the worst in my entire academic history. I constantly missed my friends and family in Mexico (which never really stops, to be honest). In spite of it all, thanks to my teachers and new friends, somehow at the end of the year I became a junior, and two years later, as a high school graduate, I went off to college. 

Sofia's Story - Bilingual Bridges

As I now begin my senior year of college, it’s easier to look back and recognize the things that helped me succeed and thrive – both socially and academically. Teachers who took the time to understand my situation and explain things to me, even after the bell had rung. Classmates who assured me that my English was good enough, and invited me to events outside of school. Without them, I’m sure my experience would have been much different.

Sofia's Story - Bilingual Bridges

Like Eilis, in Brooklyn, I eventually found my place in school – and not just in high school, but in college as well. I’m still learning and growing as a person and as an English speaker, but I’m much more confident than I ever was. Living between two countries and cultures is complicated, almost like your heart has been split. But eventually, your new house, your new school, and your new country all become an ordinary place where you can have any other ordinary day.

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